Basic Calculus Learner’s Material

These learning modules are designed as introductory learning material for elementary calculus courses in upper secondary schools. The course covers key definitions, theorems, operations, formulas and techniques. The material contains numerous comprehensive examples that help you understand various principles and master various problem solving skills and techniques.

One of the most important discoveries in mathematics is calculus. Developed by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz in the second half of the 17th century, it is now a fundamental area of mathematics and a powerful tool used not only by mathematicians, but also by engineers, scientists, economists and others. Applied calculus provides the language and concepts that allow us to model natural phenomena.
An elementary calculus course, such as the Grade 11 Basic Calculus course, is now a standard course in the high school curriculum in almost every country in the world.

It is important that you learn the basics and skills now. In particular, you will apply knowledge from this course to learning physics, which will be taught through a calculus-based approach to grade 12. There’s still a lot to learn about calculus, and you’ll find it in college.
The best way to master the concepts is to study very well, and not just read, these modules. By study, we mean take your pencil and paper and carefully work through the examples and exercises provided in the learning modules until you feel comfortable with the concepts and techniques. This is the best way to learn math.

The Basic Calculus course will require many concepts and skills that you have already learned in previous math courses, such as equations, functions, polynomials, and their graphs.
However, there will be some new concepts that you will encounter for the first time. Some of these concepts may seem abstract and complex, but we hope that all students will appreciate and learn from them.

How to use them. Since senior high school is the transition to college, mastering this course will prepare you for a high level of academic rigor and rigor. We are sure that you are
You can do it.

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